Our History

Built on great ideas and outstanding quality, thriving on strong relationships and repeating success.


Grandpa Towsley

Richard Towsley produced the company's first order in 1954. He built his clientele on relationships, established trust through repeated success, and never lost sight of his values - serving others to the best of his ability.


The Legacy

Today the company is run by grandsons Bill and John Niedermeyer along with partner Hans Schuette. Towsleys’ continued success is a result of the unique skill set each of the team members bring to the organization along with their commitment to build long-term relationships with every client they serve.

Shaking Hands

The Foundation

All three partners share a Christian faith which they strive to exemplify in relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees.

Acuity Annual Report

The Result

Towsleys prides itself on relationships that foster success, cultivating a global network built over 40 years. Consistent growth has brought new corporate partners and a diverse supply chain, leveraging Towsleys with an almost infinite number of resources, both foreign and domestic.

Towsleys continues to grow, learn, and dream - always striving to provide customers with deeper industry knowledge, unique experiences, and exceptional outcomes.


Work hard, work smart. Learn as much as you possibly can. Enjoy the feeling of success. Know you’re supported by your co-workers. Memorize your Jimmy John’s® order on your first day. Take off early for your kid’s baseball game. Smile. Towsley’s hires spectacular people. From experienced, tenured employees to whiz kid millennials, Towsley’s has the right person for every job.