Good for: unique needs and brilliant ideas

How it works: You dream it up and we make it happen. Whether a new product introduction, an annual report, holiday or anniversary campaign we can provide a top-notch solution with promotional products and services.

Good for: company stores, redemption programs, service awards, holiday gifting, uniform programs, and more!

How it works: E-commerce solutions allow our clients to supply specialty needs to their customers and employees through electronic order forms, websites, and webstores. Towsleys helps customers select items that represent the client's brand well, maximizing the appeal of branded merchandise and its usability.

Good for: full color, crisp lines, and intricate designs. Heat transfer is great for textiles and light fabrics.

How it works: The design is printed in reverse, then placed on the garment and through high temperature and pressure the image is transferred to the garment.

Good for: precision. Embroidery is traditionally used for logos and ensures a clear and professional look.

How it works: Designs are digitized and sewn directly into the garment with extreme accuracy, allowing no limit on colors per design.

Good for: special packaging, “kitting,” and complex drop ships.

How it works: Specialty packaging and efficient shipping protocols are all managed in-house, giving Towsleys complete control over product flow and extreme attention to detail.

Good for: vibrant colors and big designs. Screen printing can be used on a wide range of materials with printing inks to match desired color of print. This decorating process allows bright colors to pop on any item!

How it works: A thick coat of ink is applied to a polyester screen that has been preloaded with a design and is transferred to the garment one color at a time.